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How earning a spot in the best 100 helps you in recruiting new & hidden talent

Content marketing and social media are two innovative and effective ways to attract potential talent. Workplaces and job hunters have become so technologically connected that they are more likely to find companies they are interested in working for through sponsored ads and blogs posts, rather than solely hunting through job sites. Below we outline a number of steps on how you can use content marketing and social media platforms to greatly enhance your recruitment process.

Highlight your company culture through content and share it

When discovering new talent, it is important to promote the working culture you want prospective employees to see, and a more innovative way of doing this is through content. Participating in a Best 100 Places to work for example allow you to focus on your business and your company’s culture which are often very important for prospective candidates looking for a new role. NWA Best 100 Places to Work offers a clear and transparent opportunity for current employees to share what it is really like to work for your company. You demonstrate this in a variety of ways including videos, blog posts, podcasts – the more mediums you use, the more opportunities people will have to see the company culture.

Develop an online presence

Online branding and reputation can effect your recruitment strategy immensely so it is important to get this right. Ensure the content, and information you are promoting externally is consistent and shares the same messages. It is important that prospective candidates see you in the best possible way, so inconsistencies and mixed messages can often harm your chances of securing the best talent.

Use sponsored advertising where possible

There are a variety of sponsored or paid content opportunities.  They include the newly relaunched, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Choosing the best social media hotspots for sponsored ads can be challenging.  When you look to local resources like the Recruitment Marketing Team at Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, you will find some of the most talented subject matter experts.  They can help guide you through sponsored opportunities that will appear on newsfeeds of those who have shown to research similar fields, putting your brand right in front of them. All of these sites allow for sharing and forwarding posts, so friends can refer your company to those they feel might fit your culture.

Engage with your current employees

Deploying workplace satisfaction surveys is one of the best ways to get employees engaged.  It is also a time when management can review and uncover and challenges.  With NWA Best 100 Places to Work, participating companies will learn  how their employees feel about their company.  It is also very likely a company may have some social media power users in the workplace. Encourage your entire staff to share openings on their personal social media accounts. This will not only widen your reach, but will often result in a higher quality of referrals from existing employees. You could also offer your employees a referral fee, and remind employees of this throughout the year.

Use visuals to make your recruitment strategy more engaging

Consider making your recruitment more interesting by making it visual. For example, you can create recruiting videos featuring your current staff, or show a behind the scenes look at daily life at your company. You can create and share info-graphics that tell the story of your products and services, and you can add images to your content to increase its impact and keep things interesting. Each of these will make your content more engaging and offer a real life insight into what it is like to work at your organization.

NWA Best 100 Places To Work along with social media and content are powerful tools for recruiting top talent to your organization but as discussed it is important to use them right. Before starting make sure you understand what your target candidates are looking for, and then identify what it is about your company that sets you apart. From there, you can take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networks to promote the role, showcase your company culture and utilize your networks to push your message out there.


Want to register your company and be part of the 2019 Best 100 Places To Work?  Click here!

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